Create from waste - Creative Creation Workshop

2022-09-21 17:00 - 19:00
Community House of Kádártai
Address: 8411 Veszprém-Kádárta, Vasút u. 2.


Is environmental protection and an environmentally conscious lifestyle important to you?
We are looking forward to the above date to give you a number of simple ideas, through interesting craft techniques, for the useful use of household waste and the renovation of worn-out objects.
By recycling egg cartons and many other materials, you can make a wide range of decorative and utilitarian objects and toys.
Participation is free.
TOP-6.9.2-16-VP1-2018-00001 "Community Development in the Settlement Areas of the City of Veszprém"
Gyulafirátót-Kádárta-Bakonyalja destination
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