"From father to son" - Traditional family afternoon

2021-11-06 15:00 - 17:00

Location: the Agóra Community Square

15-16 h Craft workshop: wooden disc painting, Martinmas lantern, goose

16-17 h "A hundred geese in a row', going to the big lake"
Children's show by the Lóca Ensemble
An adaptation of the legend of Saint Martin based on folk traditions, with lots of singing, games and movement.
The interactive performance is based on well-known children's songs, folk songs (arrangements), sayings and games. Their songs and stories are performed with live musical accompaniment using folk and classical instruments and sound effects.

For a short trailer of the programme, click on the link below:

During the afternoon, the youngest children can play movement games.
We welcome children and families who would like to get acquainted with the folk traditions and customs of the special days!

Entrance is free of charge.

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