"From father to son" - Traditional family afternoon

2021-12-18 16:00 - 18:00


Location: the Agóra Chamber Theatre
16-17h Craft workshop: Christmas star, pine ornaments, candles
16.30 Announcement of the results of the drawing competition
17-18 hrs Here's a nice Christmas
Children's show by the Lóca Ensemble
The Christmas show is all about the anticipation of the holidays. The show invites children and families
we also include. Together we sing, sing, play: we can almost smell the Christmas gingerbread, taste the bejgli in our mouths; we see the snow falling, the decorated pine tree in the warm room and the candles burning. Don't let him fall asleep!
During the afternoon, the youngest children can play movement games.
We welcome children and families who would like to get acquainted with the folk traditions and customs of the special days!
Entrance is free of charge.
The event is part of the CLLD grant TOP-7.1.1.-16-H-ESZA-2019-01202 - "Experience, Community, Knowledge" family programmes with Agora.
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