Sándor Csányi's theatre evening | Veszprém

2022-02-04 19:00 - 20:30

What should you do if you realise at the door of the delivery room that you can't handle not only children, but women too? Why is it our fault if they have bad dreams? Why is it wrong to answer honestly when asked if I have lost weight? Is it worth giving advice to the wife of a newly licensed driver in traffic? Is there a moment in a woman's life when she says: Thank you, I have enough shoes, I don't need any more. And why, despite all this, does our heart still beat when she walks into the room?

Well, these are questions that the presentation cannot answer. But it raises many similar questions about the difficulties, the beauties, the joys of living together.

A one-man comedy by Sándor Csányi; eight different characters in eighty minutes.

In one part, without a break.

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