2022-06-11 20:30 - 21:50

Who are digital nomads and why do they choose this lifestyle? Kata Oláh started asking these questions when her own daughter became a digital nomad. Her investigation of the reasons behind this situation has turned into an intimate documentary between mother and daughter, spanning countries and years.
A new social group is the digital nomads, who work via the internet and are not physically bound to a place. Who are they and why do they choose this lifestyle? Are they immature people who don't want to grow up and take on responsibility, or are they brave talents who value freedom and independence? These are the questions that first arose in Oláh Kata when her own daughter became a digital nomad. Her investigation of the cause between mother and daughter has turned into an intimate documentary that spans countries and years, tackling universal themes such as inner freedom, happiness, parenthood and everything in between with unrelenting honesty.
Director: Kata Oláh
Cast: Kata Oláh, Kati Egely, Péter Szűcs, Bori Vígh, Daniel Philip Conn, Ela Elbaz
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10 June, 13:00 / Balaton Cinema
11 June, 20:30 / Agora Cultural Centre
Not recommended for children under 12 years.
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