Let's make a dreamcatcher and a Minion doll

2023-05-30 17:00 - 19:00



Our first piece of work in this session is a dream catcher. You can hang it anywhere, on your bag, on your keys or even in your car.
The point is that he can be with you all the time, so he's not only watching over your dreams, but also your daydreams.
Our second piece is a Minion doll, but depending on the colour of the paracord, it can be a different character.
We welcome you!
The session is held by Emese Szántó, a craftswoman.
Participation fee: 3.900 HUF
For more information and to register, please contact Anett Ambrus at ambrusanett@agoraveszprem.hu or call 88/429-111.
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