2022-06-12 16:00 - 17:40


Bence Fazekas Máté's debut film, inspired by real events, is a satirical tragicomedy that starts as a drama.
Richard, the rookie bailiff (Ákos Orosz), is about to face the first eviction of his life, but the tenant of the house in the garden is showing strong resistance. Aunt Ilona (Mari Nagy) has no intention of leaving her beloved house, and puts up a heroic fight, using every means at her disposal to prevent the eviction. She is helped by a few activists who form a living chain to protect her, while Richard is joined by the police, firemen, the pound, zoo workers and hostage negotiators.
Director: Fazekas Máté Bence
Cast: Ákos Orosz, Blanka Mészáros, Annamária Láng, Mari Nagy, István Znamenák
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10 June, 22:30 / Express
12 June, 16:00 / Agora Cultural Centre
Not recommended for children under 12
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