Creative Scientist Camp

2023-07-03 08:00 - 2023-07-07 16:00



If you are interested in the mysteries of the world around us and the digital technological advances of our time, we welcome you to Agora's Creative Science Camp. If you have questions about the big world, we'll answer them and give you a peek into the mysteries of science through exciting activities.
What is the purpose of the camp?
The camp offers children the opportunity to learn about the world of science through play, focusing on project work and problem solving. On each day, they can learn about the world of science through different problems. How can we reduce our household energy use? How can we take care of our environment while preserving the benefits of modern technologies? Are there historical examples that we can learn from our mistakes?

Important information:
- We welcome applications from students aged 8-13
- The camp offers activities from 8 to 16 hours
- The camp is led by Máté Héthelyi
- Venue: Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre (Veszprém, Táborállás Park 1.)
- Participation fee: 38.000 HUF/person (which includes the cost of three meals a day)

To enquire and register, please contact Krisztina Fenyvesi at
by e-mail or by phone on 06 88/429-111 until 12 June 2023.

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