L'art pour l'art Airline

2023-02-09 19:00 - 20:30




Dear Travelling Public!

Welcome to the L'art pour l'art Airline the crew of your very first flight! Their soaring and soaring is guaranteed
the tried and tested staff, Róbert Dolák-Saly, Zsolt Pethő and Móni Szászi, as well as on the many other routes already proven,
Jászai Mari Award-winning stewardess, Angéla Stefanovic!

Safe travel is ensured by highly qualified ground staff, including Ernő Naftalin, Arabella Hőzőngné Váltig
and his bosom friend, as well as Margaret and Zigota, Boborján, Uncle Anti, a strict ornithologist, and the wedding party.
Our aircraft will happily fly you to wherever you end up.

Ticket price: 5000.-Ft
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