Self-defence training

2021-09-04 09:00 - 13:00

Self-defence training
Saturday, 04 September 9.00-13.00 Agóra, room 11
Saturday, 11 September 9.00-13.00 Agora Room 11
Sunday, 12 September 9.00-13.00 Agóra, room 11
Saturday 18 September 9.00-13.00 Agora Chamber Hall
Saturday, 25 September 9.00-13.00 Agóra, room 11
Learning effective self-defence holds, basic rules, survival techniques, fall and escape techniques, reinforcement, attack points, increasing awareness, self-confidence, developing movement coordination, flexibility, speed and conflict management
Training leaders:
- Renáta Tőkés Taekwondo 3rd dan master, fitness trainer, female self-defence instructor
- Zsuzsanna Balogh Taekwondo 1st dan master, Jiujitsu 2nd dan master, women's self-defence instructor
We welcome applications from families and young people!
For more information and to register, please contact Anett Ambrus at or call 88/429-111.
Entrance is free of charge!
The event is part of the CLLD grant TOP-7.1.1-16-H-073-9-01 - "Experience, Community, Knowledge" family programmes with Agora.