Parent training

2021-11-12 16:30 - 19:30

In November, a free 10-session workshop-style training for adolescent educators will start in Agora.
Thesis leader: Petra Ruppert (teacher, adolescent coach, mediator)
Who is the series for?
For parents, grandparents, teachers, anyone who lives with adolescents and wants less conflict or a better understanding of young people. The topics are not sequential, participation in individual lectures is possible.
The theme of the first session is "Mumaaaaaaa! "Mum, stop it!" - Getting your teenager to talk - is that how to do it?
(What will be covered: questioning techniques, psycho tricks, the importance of habits, undivided attention, communication tips and sharing experiences)

For more information and to register, please contact Krisztina Fenyvesi at 88/429-111 or by e-mail at

Community development in the urban areas of Veszprém

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