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2023-09-12 17:00 - 18:00



Herbs and spices - "Treasures of Nature" and "The Magic World of Essential Oils"
We have a wonderful environment, the nature that surrounds us, so it's worth observing, feeling and using the opportunities around us. Body and soul are connected. It is important to find and maintain harmony between the two, because "the body is the temple of the soul". Those who listen to the lecture will learn about the beneficial effects of herbs, spices and essential oils, some of which are an essential part of the 'home apothecary'. The lecturer will show how to use and apply herbs correctly. The correct use of essential oils and the beneficial effects of the most important essential oils will also be discussed.
Speaker: Eszter Benyes-Borszéki, naturopath, herbalist, Bach flower therapist
Entrance is free of charge.
The event is supported by the VEB2023 ERDF.
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