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2023-09-19 17:00 - 18:00



Immuntraining, strengthening the immune system with natural methods - herbs, essential oils and healing food plants, Bach Flower Therapy
Venue: Jutasi Köztér / Veszprém, Március 15. u. 2/a
In autumn, it becomes important to boost the immune system to ensure that we have the right amount of vitamins to fuel our bodies for the winter. This will protect us against bacteria and viruses. How can we do this naturally?
Using medicinal herbs, essential oils and healing food plants - with proven recipes.
What is "immuntraining"? Why is it important? The speaker will answer these questions with 4 practical exercises.
Bach Flower Therapy will also be discussed, a "gentle method" that helps to restore spiritual balance. Visitors will also be able to learn about the Bach flower cards and listen to a short demonstration.
Speaker: Eszter Benyes-Borszéki, naturopath, herbalist, Bach flower therapist
Entrance is free of charge.
The event is supported by the VEB2023 ERDF.
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