Mates - a light-hearted, relationship-enriching show with humour and improvisation

2022-05-29 19:00 - 20:00


In one corner of the ring, Lia Pokorny, in the other, Zoltán Schmied.
Game leaders: divorce mediator Dorka Gönczi and relationship communication specialist Zsolt Varga
Humour and improvisation help us to understand our relationship problems. Miscommunications, conflicts, spoken and unspoken disagreements disrupt harmony.
Anything can happen in a relationship, from "Yes!" to "I'm out!". When should you move on?
An entertaining and thought-provoking presentation about situations in relationships and how to solve them.
Lia Pokorny and Zoltán Schmied present the experiences of Dorka Gönczi, divorce and relationship mediator and Zsolt Varga, relationship communication specialist, in improvised, guided scenes.
Although it's a serious subject, we don't feel that we can't talk about it in a relaxed way, with humour and interactivity, with comic elements, precisely to make it clear to the audience that the shortest way between two points is still a smile and a laugh.
Our reassuring and humorously spiced show is highly recommended for everyone: for those who have been in a pit in their personal life or for those who would like to avoid it in a forward-looking way and try some communication tools in their everyday life.
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