Uncle Ritchie's playhouse

We continue to welcome families who love folk art and traditions to Uncle Ricsi's playhouse. It is led by Richárd Vastag, folk dance teacher, "Young Master of Folk Art". Place in front of the Agora. You are welcome...

"From father to son" - Traditional family afternoon

  15-16 hrs Craft workshop: summer window decoration, potted flowers, wind chime 16-17 hrs "I think we're in the right place" Children's show by the Lóca Ensemble Every child loves spending time with their grandparents, where all their wishes come true.

Concert of the NeoFolk band

The ensemble is a virtuoso performer of pulsating, emotionally rich world music, original compositions, poem settings and folk song arrangements, some of which evoke the musical traditions of the Carpathian Basin, the Balkans and the Middle East. Members.

XXIX Rátóti Day

16.00: Interactive concert of Géza Malac Children's Orchestra 17.00 "Keep on pulling till the bright dawn..." operetta by Veronika Hegedűs and Géza Csizmadia 18.00 Festive toast - Presentation of the László Hadnagy Award - Announcement of the results of the cooking competition 18.15: Polgár...

Children's Day and Summer Party in Kádárta

In honor of August 20, Kádártai Children's Day and Summer Party Location: the Gelemér Street Fountain Park Stage programs: 16:00 Fruzsina Kovácsovics interactive children's show 17:00 Lakatos Anita 17:40 Cholnoky Movement Art Studio 18:30 - The New Bread is blessed by...