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Szolgáltatások az Agóra Veszprémben

Room rental in the central building - Campsite Park 1.

Theatre hall 293 people
Community space: suitable for dance rehearsals, gatherings (max 150 people), small performances (80-150 people).
Chamber hall: 100 seats
Community rooms, club rooms: 20-70 people

István Steixner
Tibor Lakatos

Equipment in the theatre

Capacity: 293 people
Stage size: 10×11 m, depth adjustable, ballet carpeting on request


  • ETC level memory control panel
  • 96 circuit, 2,5 KW dimmer
  • smoke machine, stroboscop, UV
  • Altmann, fresnel, spot projectors
  • Head machines

Audio technology

  • Foot monitors
  • URH and wired microphones

Projection option

  • 3000 ANSI LUMEN video projector
  • 5×4 m or 1,8×2,4 m screen
  • Closed chain projection in the lobby

We have an excellent team of professionals to run the theatre technology.
Information: István Steixner 88/429-111

Room rental in our member institutions

Gyulafirátót House of Culture (Gyulafirátót, Hajmáskéri út 2.)
Kádárta Village Hall (8411 Veszprém-Kádárta, Vasút u.2.)
Information: in person or by telephone at the external offices


Tool hire

Mobil színpad

Mobile outdoor stage:

2×2 m of elements, 168 m2 maximum surface area, variable stage height 100-160 cm
4 plastic chairs for 1.200 people, can be arranged
Changing tents for quick changing
Information: Tibor Lakatos 88/429-111

Audio technology

Full power: 2×4.8 KW front power (2×2.4 KW upgradeable) FBT speakers, 24 channel mixing console, URH, wired dynamic and condenser microphones, CD, MP3, MD and cassette playback, foot monitors

For medium or low power requirements: 16 or 12 channel Soundkraft mixer with 2x800W, 2x300W or 2x150W power on demand
Information: István Steixner 88/429-111



We can meet your needs either with our own resources or with external contractor(s)
Information: István Steixner 88/429-111


Our institution will deliver the rented equipment to the site for a fee.

  • Ford Transit with truck
  • passenger transport Ford Tourneo 9 passenger car

Information: Tibor Lakatos 88/429-111,


ingyenes parkolás

Parking facilities

The parking spaces around the park in front of the Agora or on the streets of the housing estate, with around 100 spaces, are free of charge.

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