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AGÓRA Veszprém Cultural Centre
1 Táborállás park, Veszprém, H-8200

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"Stephen, Gizella on the ancient castle, behind them a valley bridge: a rainbow of stones. From the wind of the Bakony - you wouldn't dare to dream - golden bells embroider, a mass of music. Here the hill to the valley, valley to hill, little streets run into the stone wilderness. Spacious squares above alleys, climbing floors to ground level. Whispering in the locska Seden." - Géza Kemény: Veszprém Anzyksz.


Veszprém is a picturesque and historical town with an undulating terrain, situated at the centre of the Western Hungarian (Transdanubian) region, where the Bakony Hills meet the Lake Balaton area. The friendly and cosy atmosphere of this thousand-year-old small town is well reflected by its cultural life.

The role of Agóra Veszprém in providing cultural programmes and public education to this town of 60 000 inhabitants and its surroundings is of paramount importance.
From "Agora Veszprém" project in 2015, with the support of the European Union and the Hungarian State, a beautiful, modern, multifunctional cultural centre is now at the service of the population, a new colourful point of cultural life in the city.
In addition to its central operation in Veszprém, Agóra operates two branches in the city centre of Veszprém, namely Gyulafirátót Cultural House and the Community House in Kádártai.
The Agora building has a modern, air-conditioned theatre with a capacity of 290 people, equipped with professional lighting and sound technology. The building is fully wheelchair-accessible, so that older people and people with reduced mobility can also attend the sessions and performances comfortably. There is also a lift between the levels.

The building is home to more than 70 clubs, associations, circles and groups associated with and supported by the institution. The institution provides a wide range of opportunities for civic initiatives, supports the work of civil communities and carries out activities of interest to a wide range of population groups and age groups.
In addition to social studies, science and art, it is increasingly implementing complex programmes.
He also does remarkable systematic work in the field of art education.

Our renovated spaces are perfectly designed to host an average of 30 different exhibitions of fine arts, crafts, folk art and photography every year. Excellent natural and artificial lighting and state-of-the-art exhibition equipment ensure that visitors can visit the exhibitions in comfort.

Our community rooms of various sizes and facilities can be equipped and equipped according to your needs, making them ideal for concerts, lectures, meetings, conferences, club activities, sports and dance groups, children's and family events, press conferences, courses, balls, exhibitions, fairs and other small and large events. 

Agóra Veszprém - kiállítás

For larger groups, our rooms can be easily combined or separated.

Agóra Veszprém - előcsarnok

The Agora building is based on a unified, colourful design that runs through the interior and exterior of the building, harmoniously complemented by its modern furnishings. This harmony is reflected in the furnishings of the lobbies, the ground floor and the upstairs lobby, which together with the modern café, provide a comfortable waiting and relaxing environment for our guests.

Veszprém has a recognised community of artists and performers in various artistic disciplines, as well as distinguished artistic ensembles. Among them are the Bakony Photography Club, the TIT Váci Mihály Literary Stage, the Veszprém-Bakony Dance Ensemble, the Kis Bakony Dance Ensemble, the Veszprém Senior Dance Ensemble, which are also provided with rehearsal and performance facilities by our institution.

The Agóra places great emphasis on the promotion of Hungarian folk music and the presentation of the musical culture of the different regions. Every year, several prestigious folklore programmes are organised, which are regularly complemented by a dance festival.

During the summer, we offer a range of outdoor events for the city's residents and visiting tourists.
Among our outdoor events, our programmes of mainly entertainment genres are popular and always attract a lot of interest.
In the first days of summer, the Monasteries and Gardens venue will host the first "Family Day" which provides entertainment for nearly a thousand people. Specialised in chamber music "Musical Courtyard in the courtyard of Dubniczay Palace" his three evening performances are always followed by great interest.
The music and dance traditions of Europe and the world will be presented in the last days of July at the free "World Java Nights in the Old Town Square " concert series, a great way to spend a pleasant summer evening.
The traditional folk music festival in August offers an insight into the world of folk music from different countries. "International Folklore Evenings in the Old Town Square" our event.
In the last days of summer, we organise for the residents of the housing estate "Come to the park! - end of summer evenings" where children and adults alike will find a fun way to spend a pleasant summer day.
To close the summer, families are invited to our last summer event at the Monasteries and Gardens venue where the second "Family Day" with games, playhouses and entertainment for children and adults.

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