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  • From Jericho to the stream, a concert by the Solas Brass Brass Ensemble
    17:00 -18:00



    The aim of the ensemble is to interpret classical values in keeping with the spirit of our time and to introduce the brass playing style. Expanding the classical brass repertoire, from time to time they create their own transcriptions and incorporate contemporary compositions that do not forget our Hungarian roots and traditions. Their latter efforts have been expressed in the form of recordings. These recordings have been made with the support of the NKA. The concert will present a comprehensive chronology from Baroque music to the present day. Their primary aim is to promote brass concert music and to educate people of all ages.
    The members of the ensemble are leading soloists of the Hungarian State Opera House, who perform as soloists and guests in various formations of the Hungarian music scene.

    Entrance is free of charge.
    Location: the Agóra Chamber Theatre

  • Film club: I will not die
    18:00 -19:30



    Hungarian documentary, 92 min, 2023
    Directed by Dér Asia
    Cast: Gábor Einspach
    What would you do if you found out that you suffer from a disease that only 5% of people survive?
    Gábor Einspach is a successful gallerist and contemporary art collector, and one of the leading figures in the Budapest art world. For him, there is no insurmountable obstacle, he has reached where he is in his current life on his own. When he learns that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer, he does not break down. He sees the disease not as a tragedy, but as an opportunity for a new beginning. As she continues to undergo increasingly physically demanding treatments, she tries to redefine her life, her true goals, and her relationship with her children and her entire environment.

    Age limit: 16 years
    Entrance fee: 1300 Ft
  • Climate change caught red-handed I.
    17:00 -18:00



    Lecture by Győző Kovács, aviation meteorologist and local history researcher
    Through the history of meteorological observations in Veszprém, the weather and climate characteristics of the region and their changes over the last 160 years.
    The programme is jointly organised by the Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre and the Veteran Fliers and Parachutists Association of Veszprém.

    We welcome all those interested!
    Entrance is free of charge!

    Location: the Agóra Chamber Theatre
  • Film Club Extra: Priscilla
    18:00 -20:00



    Dubbed American-Italian drama, biopic, 113 min, 2023)
    Directed by Sofia Coppola
    Cast: Cailee Spaeny, Jacob Elordi

    When teenager Priscilla Beaulieu meets the then superstar Elvis Presley at a party, the intimate moments they share together transform the singer into a completely different person: an exciting lover, an ally in loneliness, and a tender best friend. Sofia Coppola tells the story of Elvis and Priscilla's long and tumultuous relationship from her perspective, from the German military base to their time at the dream estate of Graceland.

    Age limit: 12 years
    Entrance fee: 1500 Ft

    Agóra Filmklub passes are not valid for the screening.




  • Macaron workshop
    15:00 -19:00



    Learn the secrets of macaron baking!
    We make 6 colours of macaron shells with different flavoured creams
    The session is led by pastry chef Andrea Patakfalvi

    Participation fee: 15 900 HUF/person, including all necessary materials and equipment.

    You can register by 5 February by paying the participation fee. Once the payment has been made, cancellation is not possible, but the right to participate is transferable.
    To enquire or to register, please contact Amalia Neveda at 88/429-693 or
  • Film Club: the nature of love
    18:00 -19:50



    French-Canadian romantic film with Hungarian subtitles, 110 min, 2023
    Directed by: Monia Chokri
    Cast: Magalie Lépine Blondeau, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Francis-William Rhéaume, Monia Chokri

    Sophia, a forty-year-old philosophy professor, has been in a trusting relationship with Xavier for ten years, and they share a similar view of the world. Their days are filled with exhibition openings, reading nights and never-ending dinners with friends. When the attractive handyman Sylvain is hired to renovate their new holiday home, her world is turned upside down and she finds herself in a passionate relationship with a sexually irresistible man. How is the manual labourer received by a seemingly welcoming metropolitan community, whose every move suggests superiority? And will Sophia find common ground with Sylvain's friends? Can the fresh relationship survive the challenges it brings? (CinemaNet)

    Age limit: 16 years
    Entrance fee: 1300 Ft

  • Paracord Workshop
    17:00 -19:00



    Let's make a "Love" shamballa bracelet together!
    Since time immemorial, we have been working with mineral beads used to attract love, nurture relationships and relieve heartache, selecting the right ones and then making shamballa bracelets.
    The session is held by Emese Szántó, a craftswoman.
    Participation fee: 4.900 HUF

    For more information and to register, please contact Anett Ambrus at or call 88/429-111.
    Location: room 207 Agóra

  • House of All Knowledge
    18:00 -19:00



    From the Sahara to the Amazon
    Around the world on four wheels in the "Lost World"

    Following on from the November show, this time the speaker will present the world of Brazil and Venezuela, Amazonia and the Table Mountains, and the Pemon Indians.
    Speaker: János Monos world traveller

    Entrance is free of charge.

  • One fool makes four
    19:00 -20:30



    One fool makes four - A Ponyvakabaré a' la Jenő Rejtő

    Jenő Rejtő is one of our country's most read and popular writers, who, in addition to his well-known legion and western novels, also wrote numerous plays, librettos and cabaret plays - which is why it is hard to understand why we see so few Jenő Rejtő cabaret scenes in theatres today. The cabaret "A Fool Makes Four" by the Bethlen Téri Theatre and the Stand Up Brigade comedy troupe is a small contribution to this lack.

    The two-act cabaret evening is based on the recipe of the Bethlen Square Cabaret, which was a professional and audience success in the theatre: take a legendary cabaret writer - in this case Jenő Rejtő - heat up one of his hits (the Central Duty), spice it up with modern sketch comedy, a dash of stand-up, a pinch of magic, and then top it all off with musical parodies! Serve up the resulting delicacy with four all-round comedians: the evening's emcee is the audience favourite Endre Beleznay, while his partners in the laughs are Radio Cabaret comedians Zsolt Ürmös and Bence Szép, and Karinthy-ringed parodist István Éles, who was a big hit at the 1990 Humour Festival.

    One fool makes four - a' la Rejtő Jenő

    Cast: Endre Beleznay, István Éles, Zsolt Ürmös, Bence Szép
    They wrote: István Éles, Jenő Rejtő, Bence Szép, Zsolt Ürmös, Ferenc József Varga
    Edited by Zsolt Ürmös
    Music: Péter Polgár
  • With two brushes - exhibition
    17:00 -18:00



    With two brushes
    exhibition of the PÉGYÖ couple, Gyöngyi Rácz and Péter Kancsár

    Opening: 15 February 2024, 17.00
    The exhibition will be opened by:
    Lajos Veszeli - painter

    With the participation of:
    Éva Sz. Csordás - performer of the TIT Mihály Váci Literary Stage

    The exhibition is on display until 10 March in the Agora's corridor gallery.

  • Uncle Ritchie's playhouse
    10:00 -12:00



    The programme will include playful activities and a dance house for families. Participants can learn about folk art, traditions and children's games of the old days.
    10.00 - 11.00 Dance lessons
    10.00 - 12.00 Handicraft session
    Led by Richárd Vastag, folk dance teacher, "Young Master of Folk Art".

    #Children's programmes

    Entrance is free of charge.
  • "Soul Images" - Interactive space for spiritual preparation for Easter



    "PICTURES OF LIFE" - Interactive space for spiritual preparation for Easter
    exhibition of the t'ARS Christian Art Workshop.

    Opening: 17 February 2024, 18.00
    Exhibition opening led by members of the t'ARS Workshop:
    Lotti Bittsánszky, Tilda Kabay, Krisztina Magyar, Ildikó Mecséri, Krisztina Lőrincz, György Sütő, Katalin Tremmel Hudik.

    The exhibition is on display until 28 March in the Agóra exhibition hall.

  • Film Club: kidnapped
    18:00 -20:15



    Italian historical film with subtitles, 134 min, 2023
    Directed by: Marco Bellocchio
    Cast Paolo Pierobon, Fausto Russo Alesi, Barbara Ronchi, Enea Sala, Leonardo Maltese

    In 1851, Edgardo Mortara, the sixth child of a Jewish family, was born in Bologna. The infant became seriously ill and unwell at a few months old, and their Christian servant, believing that the child was dying, secretly baptised the infant so that when he died he could go to the afterlife with a pure spirit. The child later recovered, but years later the fact of the baptism was discovered. It was forbidden for a Jewish family of the time to raise a Catholic child, so Pope Pius IX arranged for the boy to be taken from the family and raised in the Vatican. The desperate parents tried their best to get their child back.
    The film is based on a true story: the case was one of the biggest world sensations of its time, with Franz Joseph I and Napoleon III, among others, intervening on behalf of the child and his family - to no avail.

    Age limit: 12 years
    Entrance fee: 1300 Ft

  • Online scams
    15:00 -16:00



    Online scams
    20 February (Tuesday) 15.00 at the meeting of the Sédvölgy Pensioners' Club
    29 February (Thursday) 16.00 at the meeting of the Veszprém Women's Round Table Association
    Police Major Károly Orsós describes the changes in online fraud methods and the involvement of the older age group,
    the most dangerous methods that can lead to bank accounts being closed and ways to reduce the risk.

    The programmes are open to everyone.
    Entrance is free of charge!

  • Weekend Puppy Matinee: Titina - The four-legged explorer
    10:00 -11:30



    Norwegian animation, family, adventure, 2022, 91 min
    Directed by Kajsa Næss

    The Italian aeronautical engineer lives a quiet everyday life with his beloved dog. One day, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen comes to him to design an airship to take him to the North Pole. Nobile takes his beloved pet Titina with him. The expedition is a success, their story travels the world, and Titina becomes a celebrity - the first four-legged creature to reach the North Pole.

    Age limit: 6 years
    Ticket price: 1000 Ft

    Agóra Filmklub passes are not valid for the screening.

    #Children's programmes

  • Film Club: the taste of passion
    18:00 -20:15



    French film in original language with Hungarian subtitles, 2023, 136 min
    Directed by Tran Anh Hung
    Cast: Juliette Binoche, Benoît Magimel

    Pot-au-feu/ La passion de Dodin Bouffant is a historical romantic drama about the love and relationship between Eugenie, a great cook, and her employer, Dodin Bouffant, a gourmet of great reputation.
    Set in 1885, the film is based on the novel La Vie et la passion de Dodin Bouffant, gourmet (The Passionate Gourmet) by Marcel Rouff, directed by Anh Hung Tran (The Scent of Green Papaya, 1993, Norwegian Forest, 2010) and starring Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel (Cirko Film Ltd.)

    Age limit: 12 years
    Entrance fee: 1300 Ft

  • Remember, everyone is welcome home!
    14:00 -15:00



    Gizella Pensioners' Club open programme - everyone is welcome!
    Lecture by József Pintér, Police Sergeant Major, on accident prevention

    Remember, everyone is welcome home!
    Admission is free.

  • Gabriella Jakupcsek - Presentation and audience meeting
    18:30 -19:40



    "We don't forget to play because we get old, we get old because we forget to play"
    G. B. Shaw.
    Believe me, there really is life after forty! I'm over sixty, so I just know. Of course I'm not saying the last two decades have been a walk in the park. And the next few may have plenty of difficulties, but I will say that the B side can be sunny.
    Hot flushes, unexpected weight gain, panic attacks in the fitting room, kissing instead of hello, more and more younger and less and less older colleagues at work. Sound familiar?
    There are many question marks, and most of them are about yourself. This book was written because I think I know what you are feeling, I know what you are going through. And even though I'm not a magician, I wanted to stand beside you and tell you about my personal experience of change and the perhaps not so painful passing of youth.
    I had the help of some great experts who gave me important thoughts and advice on topics such as relationships, career, health, beauty and dressing.
    Together with them, I want to show that you can live a full and meaningful life at fifty, sixty, seventy, and even more. I support you in finding beauty in everyday life and in yourself.
    Let's think together about your life strategy, so that you can accept and even benefit from the passing of the years. Our motto to help you through it all: self-awareness and serenity! Join me on sunny B-side!
    You are welcome,
    Gabriella Jakupcsek
    At the end of the performance, the audience will have a PUBLIC TALK:
    - common photo
    - buying books
    - book signing
  • Online scams
    16:00 -17:00



    at the meeting of the Veszprém Women's Round Table Association
    Police Major Károly Orsós describes the changes in online fraud methods and the involvement of the older age group,
    the most dangerous methods that can lead to bank accounts being closed and ways to reduce the risk.

    The programmes are open to everyone.
    Entrance is free of charge!


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