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  • Photo Contest / Moments of Goodness 2023
    16:00 -18:00



    We are looking for photos that evoke the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, tell about the everyday life of the people living here, and show the values and beauties of the neighbourhood.
    You can upload your artwork, including your name and contact details, on the following page:  Upload page
    Photo format: JPG format, min. 1200 x 1800 pixels, resolution at least 300 dpi

    Up to 5 photos per person can be entered.
    The best works will be awarded prizes and an exhibition will be opened.The submitted photos will be judged by the Bakony Photo Club and MAFOSZ graduated photographers.

    Deadline for submission: 01 September 2023.
    Exhibition expected date: October 2023

    For more information, please contact Anett Ambrus at or call 88/429-111.

  • Dózsaváros Summer Party
    10:00 -19:00



    10.00 Morning wake-up call with the Veszprém Youth Brass Band around Martinovics Square

    Stage programmes
    14.45 Performance by SoulDance Dance Studio
    15.00 Presentation of the Dózsa György Primary School's mazurettas and folk dance group
    15.15 Standard and Latin-American dances performed by the Winners Competitive Dance Association
    15.30 Dance performance by the Autumn Time Pensioners Club
    15.40 Presentation of the judo group of Dózsa György Primary School
    16.00 "A song for a good lunch" - Veszprém Municipal Gypsy Orchestra conducted by György Vas Jr.
    17.00 Children's musical show by the ChiriBú Company
    18.00 Ceremonial speech, announcement of the results of the goulash cooking competition
    18.30 Ágnes Magdolna Kovács and László Keresztesi - retro hits and operetta selection

    Accompanying programmes
    "Let the pot roast" - cooking competition
    10.00 - 19.00
    The wilting toy park
    Cha-chest playhouse
    15.00 - 19.00
    Paprika Jancsi's slingshot game
    Circus castle
    Face painting, crafts from the Wildflower Nursery and the Sunflower Nursery
  • Outdoor yoga
    10:00 -11:30



    We are waiting for you, let's experience the benefits of yoga together!

    A limited number of yoga mats are provided.
    Beginners and newcomers are welcome.
    Arrive in comfortable sportswear!

    Led by: certified yoga teacher Borbála Ládonyi
    Location: the János Kálvin Park

    Participation is free of charge. The programme is funded by the VEB2023 ERDF.
  • Film Club: the whale
    18:00 -20:00



    American drama, 117 minutes, 2022
    Directed by Darren Aronofsky
    Written by Samuel D. Hunter
    Starring Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink, Ty Simpkins
    Charlie (Brendan Fraser) is a 270-pound high school English teacher whose life takes a turn for the worse when he leaves his family for his male lover, his relationship with his teenage daughter Ellie (Sadie Sink), and his depression and obesity that have kept him away from home for so long, including his online classes. His only friend Liz (Hong Chau) tries to help him in any way she can. One day, Charlie decides he wants to connect with his estranged 17-year-old daughter.
    Age limit: 16 years
    Entrance fee: 1200 Ft
    Buying tickets:
    Film club season ticket
    You can still buy our discounted film club pass, which allows you to visit 8 films of your choice for HUF 5500 until the end of December 2023!
  • Drawing competition!
    16:00 -17:00



    The Veszprém County Ornithophile Association and the Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre announce a children's drawing competition.
    You can apply in the following categories:
    - Wild birds of our country
    - Our ornamental birds
    Applications are open to primary and secondary school students.
    Entries should be sent to the address of the Veszprém Agora Cultural Centre (8200 Veszprém, Táborállás Park 1.) or handed in at the reception desk by 12 September 2023.
    The competition invites entries in A/4 format, using a technique of your choice. Please include the name, age, phone number (or parent's phone number) and email address of the artist on the back of the entry.
    The Veszprém County Bird Fanciers' Association will award the first three winners in each age group, which will be presented on 16 September at 12.30 pm at the Bird Show.
    The winning works will be on display during the Ornamental Bird Exhibition.
  • Sports - Antal Békefi's photo exhibition
    17:00 -18:00



    The exhibition will be opened by Sándor Lékó, journalist
    12 September at 17.00
    The exhibition is open until 25 September
    Location: exhibition hall
  • Knowledge Source Free University
    17:00 -18:00



    Herbs and spices - "Treasures of Nature" and "The Magic World of Essential Oils"
    We have a wonderful environment, the nature that surrounds us, so it's worth observing, feeling and using the opportunities around us. Body and soul are connected. It is important to find and maintain harmony between the two, because "the body is the temple of the soul". Those who listen to the lecture will learn about the beneficial effects of herbs, spices and essential oils, some of which are an essential part of the 'home apothecary'. The lecturer will show how to use and apply herbs correctly. The correct use of essential oils and the beneficial effects of the most important essential oils will also be discussed.
    Speaker: Eszter Benyes-Borszéki, naturopath, herbalist, Bach flower therapist
    Entrance is free of charge.
    The event is supported by the VEB2023 ERDF.
  • Basket weaving course
    17:00 -19:15



    In September, a basket weaving course for beginners will start at the Agora. The course lasts 36 hours (12 sessions), where participants can learn the basics of basket weaving and gain an insight into the world of the craft.
    The sessions take place on Wednesdays from 17.00-19.15.
    Participation fee: 40.000 HUF
    (the price includes theoretical and practical training and the cost of materials)
    For more information and to register, please contact József Kovács at 429-111 or by e-mail at
  • Look around my world - exhibition
    17:00 -18:00



    Exhibition of Henriett Hulvej-Tóth
    Opening of the exhibition by Adrienn Nyári
    14 September at 17h00
    Performed by Anna Bartus Milli (dance, Ritmus Dance and Movement Association) Amina Dahili L. - vocals
    The exhibition is open until 2 October
    Location: 1st and 2nd floor lounge
  • Ornamental birds exhibition
    09:00 -16:00



    Ornamental birds exhibition
    organised by the Ornithophile Association of Veszprém County

    You will be able to see parrots, canaries and exotic finches from the colourful repertoire of birding enthusiasts.
    The exhibition is open to the public:
    Saturday 9-18 and Sunday 8-16
    Entrance fee:
    Adult: 800,- Ft
    Children (up to 14 years): 600,- Ft
    Free for children under 6 years!

    Location: community space 11

  • Film Club: Samsara
    18:00 -19:30



    Spanish drama, 93 minutes, 2023
    Director: Lois Patiño
    Written by Garbiñe Ortega, Lois Patiño
    Starring Amid Keomany, Mariam Vuaa Mtego, Simone Milavanh, Toumor Xiong
    Every morning, a young Buddhist visits an old woman to read from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, preparing her for the journey between death and the next life. On the last day, the boy whispers the final lines of the book into the woman's ear, closes her eyes and meditates with her as her soul takes its journey.
    The story of Samsara is divided in two: two continents, two communities, two faiths, two sets of external and internal experiences. The daily life of the Laotian monks and the African tribe is linked by a special path of lights and sounds. At one point, the viewer must close his eyes with the protagonist to experience reincarnation and arrive from one life to another.
    Age limit: 12 years
    Film club season ticket
    You can still buy our discounted film club pass, which allows you to visit 8 films of your choice for HUF 5500 until the end of December 2023!
  • Paracord Workshop
    17:00 -19:00



    Let's make a chakra bracelet together!
    In the first session after the summer break, we will talk about chakras, the effects of minerals and help you choose the right mineral beads.
    The chakra bracelets are made of nanocord rope using the paracord technique.
    You can choose from over 50 different minerals in several sizes.

    The session is held by Emese Szántó, a craftswoman.

    Participation fee: 3.900 HUF
    For more information and to register, please contact Anett Ambrus at or call 88/429-111.

  • Knowledge Source Free University
    17:00 -18:00



    Immuntraining, strengthening the immune system with natural methods - herbs, essential oils and healing food plants, Bach Flower Therapy
    Venue: Jutasi Köztér / Veszprém, Március 15. u. 2/a
    In autumn, it becomes important to boost the immune system to ensure that we have the right amount of vitamins to fuel our bodies for the winter. This will protect us against bacteria and viruses. How can we do this naturally?
    Using medicinal herbs, essential oils and healing food plants - with proven recipes.
    What is "immuntraining"? Why is it important? The speaker will answer these questions with 4 practical exercises.
    Bach Flower Therapy will also be discussed, a "gentle method" that helps to restore spiritual balance. Visitors will also be able to learn about the Bach flower cards and listen to a short demonstration.
    Speaker: Eszter Benyes-Borszéki, naturopath, herbalist, Bach flower therapist
    Entrance is free of charge.
    The event is supported by the VEB2023 ERDF.
  • III Jutasi Picnic and Olympics// Circus programmes
    15:00 -21:00



    The Square is yours! on the Friday circus day of the Jutasi Picnic, where spectacular performances and exciting circus activities await you🎊The programme is an interesting experience for both those who just want to watch the performances and those who want to try the circus wonder.
    During the day, you can meet 20 international artists from the Together! circus series, who will be performing in several places in Veszprém during the week.
    🟡Location: park in front of Deák Ferenc Primary School (Veszprém, Aradi vértanúk u. 2.)
    Venue: Agóra Veszprém (Veszprém, Táborállás park 1.)
    15.30 Above Earth - Creative Crater Circle
    16.00 Mini-show of the Cirkollective teams🤹‍♀
    17.00 "Jutasi's man mountain" joint big goose building
    18.00 Time Travellers Company: guide for time travellers (circus theatre performance)
    18.30 - 20.00 Circus Live Museum
    The production is not just a show, it is a live exhibition. The circus museum🎪are on display for an hour and a half at various locations in the park. Eleven images, separate works that also respond to the viewers.
    19.00 - 21.00: Fire Picnic🔥
    Creative Crater Circle - fire show
    A show by the fire juggling team of Project Prometheus... as well as improvisation by the many circus artists present.
    During the programme, more experienced, amateur members of the public can also try their hand at fire juggling.
    15.00 - 18.30 Craft workshops
    Make your own juggling ball, flower stick and poi.
    Slackline lessons
    Here you can learn or improve your rope dancing skills.
    Face painting and balloon folding
    15.30 Ball workshop for beginners
    16.00 Poi workshop
    16.30 Flower bot workshop
    17.00 Diabolo workshop
    17.30 Shawl workshop for beginners
    18.00 Plate spinning workshop
    15.00 Air Gymnastics Association Open Hour (hoops)
    15.30 Open Hour of the Air Gymnastics Association (tissue)
    16.00 Air Gymnastics Association Open Hour (hoop)
    16.30 Aerial yoga (beginner)
    17.00 Aerial fit (advanced)
    17.40 - 18.00 Presentation of the Air Gymnastics and Air Dance Association🤸‍♀
    The programme is funded by VEB2023.
  • III Jutasi Picnic and Olympics// Sports programmes
    08:00 -21:00



    Come and spend a sporty day with us in János Kálvin Park, where
    sports and skill demonstrations, running, sports competitions, gymnastics, games, activities, crafts, live concerts and a buffet await children and families who love movement and active recreation. Let's conjure up a real picnic atmosphere in the park between the walls of the Jutasi housing estate!

    Stage programmes
    10.30 Edina Lovászi and her orchestra: abc family concert with puppet show
    14.30 Rubint Réka Shape reform training
    15.30 Adrienn Bánhegyi world champion rope jumper
    15.40 Acro Dance Rock and Roll Sports Dance Association
    16.00 FLIP UNIT | @theflipunit presentations
    Freestyle football show, Hula hoop show on concrete ball, BMX flatland show
    16.30 Veszprém Taekwon-do SE
    17.00 Festive toast, announcement of results
    (Picnic collection sheet, wall climbing competitions, skateboard testing, decoupage competition)
    17.30 Ataru Taiko Percussion Ensemble
    19.30 Joci Pápai live concertAccompanying programmes
    II Jutasi Kör running race🏃🏃‍♂
    8.00 registration
    8.45 common warm-up
    9.15 Start

    10.00-18.00 Sports activities
    - Table hockey, foosball, xxl foosball, ping-pong, button football
    - Adventure park, eurobungee, archery
    - Minigolf course
    - Veszprém Sport Climbing Association: wall climbing, climbing competitions: diaphragm, "heavy wall", speed (children-adult)
    - Fighter's Run Wolf Cubs mini obstacle course
    - Skateboard test and instruction
    Register and test your skateboard for a chance to win one of the professional, complete skateboards on display!

    10.00-12.00 VEDAC skill games
    15.00-18.00 Veszprém Gymnastics Club: air track trial
    16.30-16.50 FLIP UNIT | @theflipunit: Adidas balloon decorating competition
    17.00-18.00 FLIP UNIT | @theflipunit: freestyle football trick training

    10.00 Jutasi Olimpia🏃🏀
    Form a team and compete in running, tug-of-war, jumping rope, wall climbing and ball games!
    To register for the team competition, please visit:

    Picnic collection sheet
    - do 5 sporting activities,
    - ask for 5 stickers for them on your collection form,
    - drop your completed ticket in the white collection box to take part in the prize draw at 17.00!
    14.00-18.00 Várszegi Kata - ReCikli Workshop for children and adults (jewellery made from bicycle inner tubes, keyrings)
    14.00-18.00 Henna painting
    15.00-18.00 Silver Knight Chess Club, Bridge Club

    8.00-18.00 Mothers' picnic
    While you enjoy the Jutasi Picnic and Olympics, you can take a break in the BABA-MAMA tent of the Lélek Éled Kör Association. In addition to exciting presentations and talks, you can also enjoy a breastfeeding/feeding corner, a baby changing station, tea and coffee in good company.
    Some elements of the programme are accessible for deaf and hard of hearing people.
    For more information on the SINOSZ World Day of the Deaf event, click here:…/

    Participation is free of charge!
    Venue: Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre
    The programme is funded by the VEB2023 ERDF.
  • III Jutasi Picnic and Olympics // Lightning workshops
    09:00 -14:00



    Lightning workshops
    You can do a lot in an hour, make a delicious dinner or even decorate a cake! And the children are welcome to make their own unique decorations!
    For adults:🧔🙍‍♀️
    One hour of delicacies
    With chef Balázs Tornyos
    9.00 Modern main course prepared in one pan
    10.30 authentic Italian carbonara spaghetti
    12.00 Indonesian nasi goreng dish in 2 versions
    13.30 Table charcoal grilled pork chops with sticky BBQ sauce
    For adults:🙍‍♀️🧔
    Cake decorating workshop
    Professional cake decorations with world champion pastry chef Míra Steierlein-Reichert
    9.00 Making a cat head with airbrush
    10.30 Making a unicorn
    12.00 Mac-making
    13.30 Making a dog head with airbrush
    For children:👱‍♀️👨‍🦰
    Decorations for the kitchen
    Craft workshops with Reeka Ónodi
    9.00 Making a wooden napkin holder with a stencil
    10.30 Recipe book with decoupage technique
    12.00 Wooden spoon holder with mixed technique
    13.30 Glass bowl with decoupage technique
    Workshops are free of charge, but limited in number! Pre-registration is required, one applicant can register for a maximum of two courses!
    For more information and to register, please contact Orsolya Fazekas at 88/429-111 or
    Location: the Visitor's Kitchen
    The programme is funded by the VEB2023 ERDF.
  • III Jutasi Picnic and Olympics // Family programmes
    15:00 -20:30



    15.30 László the Valiant and the chocolate cake🎭🍰 performance by the Fabula puppet theatre
    16.20 Fairytale chefs 👩‍🍳Musical performance by Anna Dominek and Andrea Hatás
    17.00 Spotlight show🤵🎲Performance of magician Gábor Németh
    17.40 Introduction of Guszta pasta, or making pasta at home with Gabriella Szívós🍞
    18.20 Steamed dim sum with chef Márk Környei🥄
    19.20 Just For Funk Band concert🎸

    Accompanying programmes:
    Gastronomic adventures (handicraft activities, gingerbread decorating, cake decorating and sugar blossom making, board games with the Family Board Games Association, outdoor games, bike mix, logic and reflex games, recreation park with Gabitrial. Aunt Marika's play kitchen - with traditional kitchen utensils
    Participation is free of charge!
    Venue: Veszprém, Táborállás park
    Venue: the Agóra Veszprém Cultural CentreThe programme is supported by the VEB2023 ECF.
  • Film Club: plastic skies
    18:00 -20:00



    Hungarian-Slovak animated film, 110 min, 2023
    Directed by Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó
    Cast: Tamás Keresztes, Zsófia Szamosi, Judit Schell, István Znamenák, Géza D. Hegedűs
    The plot takes the viewer 100 years forward to Hungary in 2123. In this not-too-distant future without animals and plants, where the survival of humanity has a cruel price, a man breaks all the rules to save his wife's life. (Fórum Hungary) After the screening, we will have a public meeting with Judit Czakó, editor, and Orsolya Sipos, producer.
    Age limit: 16 years
    Entrance fee: 1200 Ft
    Buying tickets:
    Film club season ticket
    You can still buy our discounted film club pass, which allows you to visit 8 films of your choice for HUF 5500 until the end of December 2023!
  • Our visual world lecture series
    20:00 -20:45



    Plastic skies: a glimpse into the creative process

    The two creators of the internationally acclaimed Hungarian animation work, Plastic Sky, which premiered in 2023, Judit Czakó, editor, and Orsolya Sipos, producer, will come to Agóra to take the audience on a journey into the interesting world of the creative process.

    Admission to the performance is free!
    The programme is supported by the ERF 2023.

  • Armenian Nationality Day
    17:00 -20:00



    Armenian Nationality Day
    - on the occasion of the proclamation of the independent Republic of Armenia 

    17.00 Armenia 2000 years ago
    Exhibition on the past of the Armenian nationality
    The exhibition will be opened by Diramerjan Artin, Vice President of the National Armenian Municipality
    18.00 Radio Yerevan - the show goes on
    The latest one-act chamber production by the Urartu Armenian Theatre Company in Hungary.
    The play features the entire community of a commercial radio station. They are an enthusiastic little group, but their success is overshadowed by a helicopter crash that results in the death of the station's owner, Greg, the station's star presenter, who is injured and hospitalised for a long period. The team is determined to get their old partner back, saving Radio Yerevan and their own lives, while a strange will turns up and complicates matters further. All wrapped up in lightness, music and humour, sometimes with depth and honesty.
    The comedy can be seen for the first time in Veszprém.
    Cast: András Tóth, Olga Kovács, Miklós Sörös, Viktória Haik, Alex Avanesian, Nelson Sahakjan, Miklós Sörös Jr. Nelson Diramerján Artin Nelson Nelson Sakakyan
    Written and directed by Diramerján ArtinThe performance is recommended for children over 12 years old!

    The 60-minute play is in Hungarian.

    The show will be followed by a tasting of traditional national dishes and drinks.

    Entrance is free of charge!

Agóra ticket office opening hours:

Monday: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., 

Tuesday-Friday: 11.00-16.00, 

and one hour before the performances.

Telephone: +3688 429-111

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