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OC-MUV/4-2022/413439 -

III Jutasi Picnic and Olympics - Community development in the housing estate

jutasi kör 2023.09
jutasi kör
Jutasi kör péntek 2
jutasi kör 2023.09. szombat
jutasi kör 2023.09. szombat 2
jutasi kör 2023.09. szombat 3
jutasi kör 2023.09. vasárnap
villám workshop

2nd Jutasi Picnic and Olympics - Community development in the residential area - OC-MUV/3-2021/868454

Jutasi Picnic and Olympics - Video Gallery

23 - 25 September 2022.

vasárnap főoldal
vasárnap program 1
vasárnap program 2
szombat főoldal
szombat program 2022.09.
2022.09. szombat program 2
2022.09. péntek főoldal
2022.09. péntek program 1
2022.09. péntek program 2


Stairway Olympics at the Jutasi Picnic.
Do you know your neighbour? Your neighbour's neighbour? Or the whole staircase?
Do you already know what your community is capable of? Put together a good team and show how strong or skilful the group is at foosball, tug-of-war, running or ping-pong!
But, if you want to advertise a competition in another sports game, write us your ideas and let's find opponents together! There is plenty of time to prepare for the Jutasi Picnic in September!
Apply now and make your community and your staircase the best in Haskovo!
Application form: DOWNLOAD HERE!
To register, please contact: by sending an application form to the following address

Jutasi Piknik és Olimpia

Jutasi Picnic and Olympics - OC-MUV/1-2021/5497

As we prepare for the EYF year, we aim to deliver an event that is innovative and has a different profile from other events in the city.
The Jutasi Picnic community events are organised with the active involvement and participation of the people living in the neighbourhood.

We are trying to reflect the needs that have been less addressed in the housing estate. Our primary target group is the residents of the housing estate, but the event will also be of cultural and economic benefit to the city and the region. Our aim is for this year's programme to become a mainstream event and to grow in scale in 2022 and 2023.
All our activities are guided by the values and objectives of the EFF. The event serves the mission of the EFC and Agora well.

Jutasi Piknik és Olimpia
táborállás park 1.
Campsite park:
family and children's programmes, gastronomic events

playhouse, face painting, balloon-folding, children's games, "Trampoline Park", logic and skill-building board games, quizzes led by the Csa-chest, pillow fight, foot-driving (small motorbike) competition, blood donation, pastry (caramel, sugar blossom making, gingerbread decorating, Italian desserts) and gastronomic demonstrations (BBQ, barbecue, cheese making, soup and dessert),

performances of the Kabóca Puppet Theatre

John Calvin Park:
circus programmes, sport, movement gastronomic events

circus activities (acrobatics, acro-gym, juggling, equipment rental), gymnastics with personal trainer, running races (short and long distance), climbing wall, teqball, chess, foosball, ping pong, martial arts and other demonstrations: Barancing, BMX and skateboarding, Long Quan Dao Kung Fu School, self-defence training with taekwon-do instructors, tug-of-war competition, raffle and announcement of winners, Sub Bass Monster concert, Heroes concert, performance by the Hungarian Juggling Association

Courtyard in front of Deák Primary School:

Nordic Walking introduction, then off to the Berkenye trail

Panorama agóra