Agora Family Day in János Kálvin Park

2023-06-25 15:00 - 21:30



Stage programmes
- 15.00 KID Rock and Roll SE.
- 16.00 Children's orchestra
- 17.00 Birthday performance by Andrea Hatás and her students
- 17.45 Sweet moments - Be our guest for a Haskovo slice cake
- 18.30 Animal Cannibals
- 20.00 FunThomas Band
- 21.00 Light in the night - illuminated balloon busting
Accompanying programmes from 15h
- Armenian Nationality Municipality of Veszprém - craft activities
- Helen Doron Language School - English stories, play mat, craft activities
- MCC Young Talent Programme - Theatre World
- Bridge club - card game, Sudoku puzzles
- Silver Knight Chess Club - chess workshop
- fair of unique handicraft products
- Mosolyvár Playhouse - circus castle
- Courtesy of Europe Direct Veszprém:
- EUrope tent with EU quizzes, prize draws, brochures, information, children's games of skill, logic and EU games, face and body painting
- Tickle Toy Park - World of Animals
50 years of the Haszkovo housing estate! On this occasion, the following programmes will be organised by the Virágzó Veszprém Association: KID Rock and Roll SE., Andrea Hatás and her students, Sweet Moments, Light in the Night, Bouncy Castle
Entrance is free of charge!
Venue: Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre
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