Film Club: one more round for everyone

2021-12-06 18:00 - 20:00

Dubbed Danish drama 115′ 2020
R.: Thomas Vinterberg
A: Mads Mikkelsen , Thomas Bo Larsen , Lars Ranthe , Magnus Millang

Four good friends who are high school teachers test a theory. They hypothesise that maintaining a low level of alcohol in the blood, i.e. a constant, mildly tipsy state, will make their lives better. But the initial exuberance slowly but inexorably turns into uncontrollable binge drinking. The film has won numerous international awards, including the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2021 (Vertigo),

Age limit: 16 years
Entrance fee: 800 HUF
Rental fee: 1300 Ft / month

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