Magic points - exhibition-ELMARAD!

2020-11-13 17:00 - 2020-11-26 18:00

Magic points
Exhibition of Gyöngyvér Gáspárné Héthelyi
On view from 13-30 November during Agóra's opening hours.
He will give a toast:
Amália Neveda Director of the Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre
The exhibition will be opened by:
Gyula Porga Mayor of the City of Veszprém

Performed by András Mózes Máthé, student of the Antal Csermák Music School
Location: 1st and 2nd floor lounge

The programme is part of the TIOP 1.2.1 /A-12/1 - 2013-0001 - AGORA VESPRÉM,
is part of the sustainability of a project funded by the European Union.

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