Film club: Raw material Monday, 29 April 2024 6 pm

1300 Ft

29 April 2024 Monday 18.00 - 19.45
Online and on-site ticket price: 1300 HUF

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nyersanyag FB

Hungarian colour drama, 108 minutes, 2023
Directed by Martin Boross
Cast: Zsolt Dér, András Pál, Blanka Mészáros, Dániel Baki, Erika Tankó, Stefi Szabó

A film crew arrives in a remote village to give a community-building arts workshop for local young people. The filmmaker and his team quickly gain the trust of the local people. As they get closer, they realise that the village is facing oppression on a frightening scale. The trail leads to the mayor of the village, who also runs the cucumber farm that provides the main livelihood. When the filmmakers learn that the leader is abusing his power, the director decides to make a revealing documentary about him. His well-intentioned mission has serious consequences. His highly publicised film drives a wedge between the innocent villagers and puts everyone in danger.

Age limit: 12 years
Entrance fee: 1300 Ft

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