Film Club: who would have thought? 22 April 2024, 18:00

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22 April 2024 Monday 18.00 - 19.45
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ki hitte volna 04 FB

French comedy in original language with Hungarian subtitles, 87 min, 2023
Directed by Julien Hervé
Cast: Christian Clavier, Didier Bourdon, Sylvie Testud, Marianne Denicourt
The daughter of a wealthy aristocratic family and the son of a Peugeot dealer are getting married. The two families could not be further apart, and the girl's parents in particular frown on the wedding. When the parents are introduced, the young people are given a surprise: they each have a DNA test taken, which reveals the origin of each parent. The results are a shock to everyone, and a major disruption to an otherwise uneventful meeting. In the tempers that flare, the confused prostitutes hurl a variety of insults at each other, along with assorted jokes, and no one can keep their opinions of the other to themselves any longer.
Age limit: 12 years
Entrance fee: 1300 Ft

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